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Bosom Friends Santa Fun Run - Sunday 8 December 2013

There were lots of Barlickers out around the town helping to marshal this race, but a few did actually take part.  The race attracted 300 entrants of all types, from out and out runners, to joggers and walkers.  Young children took part as did those whose youth was more than a few years ago and they all came together to support this cause.

Out in front, it looked serious.  Barlick member Andy Carson took an early lead, but a young runner, George Graham-Roe, stuck with him.  Coming back up the hill into the town from Salterforth, Andrew was still going at a fair pace, but this young runner went past him, leaving Andrew thinking that he had a real challenge on his hands.  However, the fast start and the fast climb up the hill seemed to take it out of this plucky young runner and Andrew regained the lead, never to relinquish it again.  In the meantime, Luke Wallwork was lying in 3rd place watching this battle taking place before him.  As this young runner started to flag, he closed in on him, moving into 2nd place which he retained until the end, resulting in a Barlick one-two.

In the ladies group Linda Bostock was going well and she finished first lady.

Once the serious runners were out of the way, it was the turn of the fun runners and the walkers and there was a party atmosphere about the event.  It was good to see young Barlickers, Tabitha Berry and Jenna Boothman in this group. 

The race finished in the town square where there was live music and everyone was milling around recounting their experiences of the day.

The event was extremely well organised and hopefully has raised some money for this excellent charity.