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Night Point Scoring Event - 27 February 2013

There was a turnout of 33 runners for the first of this type of orienteering event. Competitors ran it as individuals, in pairs or in teams. Once your time had started, you were given a map with locations marked on it, each with a varying points value and you quickly had to decide your strategy to amass the most points by visiting various check points. Penalty points were deducted for being over the allotted time of one hour. It was a fun event, with much debate in the pub afterwards about the choice of route and check points visited.

The winner was Mark Nutter of Clayton who has a history of excelling in this type of event. He finished just ahead of Peter Stobbs with Sam Wadsworth in third place. A good run saw Jean Brown finish 1st lady and 4th overall and the first pair were Debbie Gowans and Vickie Mousley, who were fifth overall.

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