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Mid-Lancs Cross Country League, Townley Park - 26 October 2013

Mid-Lancs Cross Country League, Townley Park - 26 October 2013 Stephen Chew

Nine Barlickers turned out for our first race in this league.   As a new club in the league, we have to start in division four, but teams from all four divisions run together.  As a result, it was difficult to know how the team was doing. 

The race was fast and furious and there was no respite.  The first six finishers from each team are counters, but runners further down the field can still play their part, if they can push opposition team runners further down the field.

The provisional results indicate that Barlick were 13th team overall, which at first glance seems to suggest that we beat some division one teams.  However to confirm this, a bit more detailed analysis is required.  However, it does appear that we are at least in the first two teams of division four.  The finishing positions were as follows:

48 Nick Treitl 37:18
49 Shaun Chew 37:18
77 Dan Taylor 39:08
94 Andy Berry 39:59
129 Rob Weir 41:29
130 Stuart Bryan 41:29
158 Des Walkden 42:52
243 James Fent 48:30
245 Alan Davis 48:39