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Pub Run, The Greyhound - 30 September 2015

The pub run was down on numbers this week but not quality of participants with Jack Ingham making a much anticipated return.  Still no massive(work), Glenn (holiday) and John Boothman (tired!!!!). I don't believe race machine Boothman has ever been tired.  Sellors trapped on his hair dryer and was playing with the chain on his bike.  A quick emergency phone call and Shaun 'AA' Chew came and sorted it.  Once Sellors had sorted himself and got changed we were off on a shortish run.  The usual pace setters were off and whipped man Collins was soon pushing Sellors at the usualfrantic pace.  We soon made it to the bottom of the steep end of Weets and half bull half man Lee 'swell head' Edwards was off in pursuit of the hares.  We made it back to forty steps in one piece, although Sellors tried to hang himself on a stile on the way down much to our amusement (still needs to get a decent headtorch).  Ingham was suffering a tad and decided enough was enough and dropped in his house on the way past.  It was at the end of 40 steps where Jock caught us by surprise and darted off saying "see you next week", without us even being able to give him the whip phone app.  The best excuse for not having a beer though was presented by the Minotaur himself.  Jen asked Lee if they were going for a beer, Lee made it look like it was his decision and said no.  This was clearly a well rehearsed act to get him out of the pub.

Once we got sat down John Boothman joined us and did look a tad jaded.  Although the 3 peaks cyclocross and two training sessions would've rendered lesser men useless.
Andy Collins looked a happy man as he was off the hook for most whipped pub run member this week due to Jock's demise.  No Screw either this week, probably due to the rumours of Jack Inghams Wednesday night house calls.
Next week we'll be at the Red Lion and hopefully, we'll be back to full strength.