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Weets Fell Race - 9 June 2018

Full Results

It was a record turnout of both juniors and seniors for this race and given the recent dry weather, it was perhaps the day to test the course record set by Tom Cornthwaite.  Gary Priestley of Salford was up for that challenge.  He was leading comfortably as he came through the gate into the lane leading to the finish.  Cheered on by the spectators, who knew that a new record was on the cards, he charged down the lane, shaving 4 seconds off Tom's record.  

This year the U15s ran to the trig point on Weets in an out and back race.  This made it a challenging run for them without the severity of the full senior race.  The race winner was Jack Villiers of Barlick.

In the ladies race, Lorraine Slater was the race winner, with Helen Buchan the runner up.  Then followed two more Barlickers, Jacqueline Collins & Rachel Villiers.