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Pendle Way in a Day - 1 February 2020

Three Barlickers took part in this race which was held in pretty horrendous conditions. It was brutal - very boggy underfoot and so windy, especially on Pendle.  However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and Lorraine Slater is one tough lady and she finished 7th overall and first lady.  Quite some achievement in those conditions.

42 Mile Course
7 Lorraine Slater 8:33:41
17 Gary Bradley 9:29:44

96 started 10 DNF

30 Mile Course
44 Diane Macdonald 9:51:30 (18th lady)

59 started 9 DNF














42 mile course
Me 1st lady 7th overall 8:33
Gary Bradley 17th overall 9:29
96 started 10DNF

30 mile course
Diane Macdonald 44th overall 18th lady ( I think hard to tell from some of the names) 9:51
59 started 9 DNF