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Hardmoors Saltburn Trail Marathon - 9 February 2020

For many, a mid-winter trail marathon is quite a challenge. Throw in Storm Ciara and you have a serious challenge.  What was ostensibly a 28 mile route became nearly 29 miles after taking into account diversion caused by flooding and running round bogs and marshes.  Not only that, but runners had to contend with 60 mph wind combined with torrential rain.  The rain made new and interesting water crossings and very marshy moorland, where many people, including our own Cloey Mason, waded through waist deep freezing water.  All the mud made for very technical running across the fields, trails, moors and forest and was very energy sapping. . The wind was challenging, especially along the cliff tops and exposed areas.  So well done to Cloey Mason.  Another amazing performance from a Barlicker in the field of long distance running.

Cloey Mason 9th female position 6:22:11

54 Overal

Starters  117 (2 DNF)