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Despite the name, the club participates in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road and welcomes applications from runners of all abilities to join us. If you are not sure if the club is for you, why not come to one of our training sessions or one of our regular pub runs. You will be under no obligation to join, but you will get a feel for the club and a better idea if the club is for you. You can merely turn up to a training session unannounced, but it would be better if you contacted our club secretary first (details on the contacts page) and let him know that you will be coming and he will make sure that whoever is leading the group will look out for you. If you are an absolute beginner to running, you too are most welcome to join us in one of our sessions, but please contact our secretary first and he will make sure that you will have a programme with which you are comfortable. Membership fees for the club are as follows:
  • Seniors
  • For members over the age of 18
  • £10/year
  • For runners of all abilities over the age of 18
  • For runners participating in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road running
  • Regular training and coaching sessions provided
  • Apply
  • Juniors
  • For members under the age of 18
  • FREE
  • For runners of all abilities under the age of 18.
  • Regular (weekly) training sessions led by experienced runners/coaches
  • Advice about how to train properly so juniors can develop as athletes
  • Apply
  • Non-runners
  • For non-running members
  • £5/year
  • For supporters of the club and club members
  • Support the club and all the senior and junior runners
  • Apply
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Junior Race Reports

  • Burnley Junior Park Run - 9 June 2019

    2 Connor FITZPATRICK 8:08
    5 George FITZPATRICK 8:27 New PB!
    10 Toby NIXON 9:12 New PB!
    16 Lily NIXON 9:52
    18 Isabelle TEAL 9:59
    31 Summer FITZPATRICK 11:08
    83 Noah MCKANE 16:20

  • BOFRA, Lowgill Sports Junior Races - 8 June 2019

    Some of the Barlick juniors are made of tough stuff and for half of those at this event, it was their second race of the day.  Not that you would have known looking at the results, with six podium finishes, two of them being firsts.  It was particularly pleasing to see Oscar Clayton being one of them.  He has persisted with his running and done plenty of racing and it is good to see that this is starting to pay off.

    2 Jack Villiers 13:11

    17 Ciara Duffy 11:58 (9th girl)

    1 Jacob Reeday 5:20
    7 Lucille Pickles 5:55 (2nd girl)
    25 Will Pease 6:59
    32 Jody Whitfield 7:23 (9th girl)
    39 Lily-Grace Clayton 8:32 (13th girl)

    1 Isaac Reeday 4:47
    4 Bella McCredie 5:13 (2nd girl)
    5 Oscar Clayton  5:26 (3rd boy)

  • Weets Junior Races - 8 June 2019

    Weets Junior Races - 8 June 2019

    A "home fixture" for the Barlick juniors, but only one race winner, Lucille Pickles,  who came home first in the U13 girls race.

    2 Harry Driver
    3 Isaac Reeday
    4 Harry Roberts
    13 Betsy Pickles (2nd girl)

    8 Will Pease
    14 Kai Paton
    17 Sam Van-Essen
    19 Zachary Beresford
    20 Isla Beckett (6th girl)
    24 Summer Fitzpatrick (9th girl)
    25 Isabelle Teal (10th girl)
    28 Alfie Muller
    33 Elliot Shackleton
    34 Isabella Barrett 14th girl)
    35 Darcey Sharp (15th girl)

    8 Lucille Pickles (1st girl)
    10 Harley Treitl
    12 Logan McCredie
    20 George Fitzpatrick
    23 Jody Whitfield (7th girl)
    28 Noah McKane
    29 Elle Honeyman 12th girl)
    33 Madeline Moorhouse-Smith 14th girl)
    34 Annabelle Hoyle (15th girl)
    39 Max Villiers

    13 Connor Fitzpatrick
    17 Ciara Duffy (7th girl)
    18 Amber Muller (8th girl)

  • BOFRA, Coniston Gullies - 2 June 2019

    6 Jack Villiers 9:59

    1 Jacob Reeday 5:21
    16 Lucille Pickles 6:27 (3rd girl)
    37 William Pease 7:24
    44 Jody Whitfield 7:47 (14th girl)
    49 Isabelle Teal 8:28 (18th girl)
    50 Lily-Grace Clayton 8:42 (19th girl)
    54 Logan McCredie 9:10

    3 Isaac Reeday 4:33
    9 Oscar Clayton 5:22
    11 Bella McCredie 5:24 (5th girl)

  • Killington Sports - 30 May 2019

    16 Isaac Reeday 6:16
    19 Garth Duffy 6:24

    3 Jacob Reeday 8:25
    17 Ciara Duffy 11:01 (8th girl)

  • Ilkley Junior Trail Races - 27 May 2019

    Ilkley Junior Trail Races - 27 May 2019

    The results for all juniors over the age of eight are all clumped together and it is difficult to sort out the age category for each individual runner.  All we can say is that Garth Duffy finished the 2nd 10 year old boy in a time of 10:28 and Ciara Duffy finished 2nd 13 year old girl in a time of 10:39.

  • FRA Junior Champs - Sedbergh - 26 May 2019

    FRA Junior Champs - Sedbergh - 26 May 2019

     These races were Round 4 of the FRA Junior Championships.  Each runner received a medal at the end of the race and rightly so, after Helm Hill chose an extremely challenging route for each category.  All five of our young runners did the club extremely proud considering the weather and the terrain.   It must be one of the few junior races where the participants were climbing up on their hands and feet!

    42 Oscar Clayton 18:10
    45 Isabelle Teal 18:23

    20 Lucille Pickles 16:29 (3rd Girl)
    61 Lily-Grace Clayton 22:22 

    11 Jack Villiers 23:43

  • Austwick Amble - 27 May 2019

    On this Bank Holiday Monday, there is a great atmosphere in the lovely dales village of Austwick with its street market and entertainers and makes a great back drop for the series of junior fell races.   

    There were a couple of podium finishes for the few juniors who turned out and they were both in the U11 race.  Bella McCredie finished second girl and Will Pease was third boy.

    3 Will Pease 8:24
    5 Isaac Reeday 8:45
    6 Harry Driver 8:51
    10 Bella McCredie 9:22 (2nd girl)

    4 Jacob Reeday 10:24
    5 Logan McCredie 10:36

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The main aims of the club are to increase the participation of running in Barnoldswick and to keep organised running as accessible as possible.