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Despite the name, the club participates in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road and welcomes applications from runners of all abilities to join us. If you are not sure if the club is for you, why not come to one of our training sessions or one of our regular pub runs. You will be under no obligation to join, but you will get a feel for the club and a better idea if the club is for you. You can merely turn up to a training session unannounced, but it would be better if you contacted our club secretary first (details on the contacts page) and let him know that you will be coming and he will make sure that whoever is leading the group will look out for you. If you are an absolute beginner to running, you too are most welcome to join us in one of our sessions, but please contact our secretary first and he will make sure that you will have a programme with which you are comfortable. Membership fees for the club are as follows:
  • Seniors
  • For members over the age of 18
  • £10/year
  • For runners of all abilities over the age of 18
  • For runners participating in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road running
  • Regular training and coaching sessions provided
  • Apply
  • Juniors
  • For members under the age of 18
  • FREE
  • For runners of all abilities under the age of 18.
  • Regular (weekly) training sessions led by experienced runners/coaches
  • Advice about how to train properly so juniors can develop as athletes
  • Apply
  • Non-runners
  • For non-running members
  • £5/year
  • For supporters of the club and club members
  • Support the club and all the senior and junior runners
  • Apply
Race Reports Archive
An archive of all the race reports

2 Chris SMEDLEY 20:58 New PB

2 Chris SMALE 18:07
202 Graham WADSWORTH 31:55 New PB

10 Scott BOARDMAN 20:27 New PB
14 Dave HALLIDAY 20:52 New PB
72 Elliott HALLIDAY 26:33
121 Garry BAILEY 33:22
122 Emma BAILEY 33:24
131 Clover EDWARDS 35:46
132 Susan HIRD 35:48

The race was won by Darren Kay, ahead of Lee Athersmith and Danny Hope, so some good talent at the front of the field.  The Barlickers were led home by Chris Smale, who was first V50.

5 Chris Smale 41:24
31 Lee Edwards 47:34
53 Dave Halliday 49:43
63 John Boothman 51:22

With the start of the new junior section, a few are now having a go at racing.  Those who were out on Sunday at Boulsworth finished as follows:


5 Annabelle Hoyle  5:08 (3rd girl)


8 Jack Latham 9:42
11 Clover Edwards 11:23


3 Daniel Chew 8:23

Well done to all those who took part.

Full Results for All Runners

Our junior training sessions have only been going for a few weeks, but they have proved very popular and regularly attract 25 to 30 youngsters.   Some have already made the progression to racing, with a few turning out at Hellifield Gala and others at Boulsworth.

Expect to see more Barlick vests out in junior races in the future. 

103 Peter Wilkinson 49:21

227 ran

2 Tom Corrigan 43:15
6 Marc Hartley 46:52
7 Andy Berry 46:53
14 Andrew Carson 48:24
16 Charlie Murgatroyd 48:31
18 Andrew Chew 48:39
36 Nathaniel Whitbread 51:34
55 Dave Halliday 53:55
66 Jennifer Hird 55:36
113 Jean Rawlinson 65:54

This race winds up the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix  Season which finished with a Barlick 1-2, with Tom Corrigan taking the honours of being overall champion with Marc Hartley runner up.  In the ladies championship, Jennifer Hird finished 4th. 

This used to be a cracking little race up to the summit of Buckden Pike from Cray, but with problems with the parking and issues at the time with the pub (yes, another one which did not like thirsty runners wanting to buy a drink), it was taken from the BOFRA calendar and subsequently run as a low key event.  This is a shame, as this year, it only attracted 21 runners.

The race winner was Ted Mason, a previous race winner, who certainly knows the best line of descent from the top.

Of the Barlickers, the Peter Pan of fell racing, vet 50 Chris Smale, finished in third position ahead of the many youngsters in his wake.

First lady and first LV40 was another Barlicker  - Angela Donlan.

Full Results

Today, a Barlick vest was on display in  Southern France when, for the second year running, Sam Wadsworth entered the local race.  The winning time was 48:13.  Sam had a top ten finish, with a time of 51:44.  Here is his report of the day:

For the second year running I was in the Cevennes, France at the picturesque village of Florac, for the annual Tour Du Dolmen, a 12km road race.   I was feeling a bit better prepared, having not got smashed the night before, instead this year, I'd opted for 24 hours driving in the car, just to get me loosened up.  

The race consists of a small lap around the hillside village, taking you back through the start on the main square after 3 km, making it good for spectators.  I'd set off a bit slower this year and was in around 15th position after the first lap, a flat section along the riverside, before you begin a 5km climb to the summit.  I made up 3 places early on into the climb, but didn't reach the next runners until we approached the summit.  The last 3km is a sprint down the road where I made up one place and caught up to another, but was left for dust on the run in, finishing 9th overall in a time of 51:44

The race is obviously a big event for the village and one of the organisers spends the next hour on his microphone interviewing the leading runners about their race.  Having carefully planned my prize acceptance speech and imagined what questions he could possibly be asking all these runners (my race tactics...running as fast as I could.), I very descretely sloped back into the crowd with my local produce goodies (before I had to embarass myself trying to construct a clear sentence in French).  The interviewer persisted even after another organiser told him I was English and came to find me to see where I was from...I felt pretty sure my GSCE French should cover this so in my best french accent I took to the mic and said....'Yorkshire'.

Simon Bailey of Mercia won this race, ahead of Sam Tosh, in a time of 10:23.

Jimmy Craig was 4th in a time of 10:49

In the junior races, Harley Treitl was 2nd in the U9 race.

Previously known as the Arncliffe 4, this Yorkshire Dales low key event was last run in 2012, but has been resurrected by Leeds City member Alan Buckley, who volunteered to organise the race that he was personally so fond of. Part of the Arncliffe Gala, the one o’clock start saw just 44 leave the village green for a 2 mile jaunt down the south of the Dale before crossing over for a 2 mile roller coaster return in hot conditions - fortunately made tolerable by a welcome breeze.

17 DEREK WALKDEN M40 27.38

26 TERRY LONERGAN  M65 31.31

The race was won by Keighley’s Scott Bairstow in 23.01 ; Jo Buckley (Bingley) first lady 25.18

10 Dave HALLIDAY 20:59 New PB
77 Carolyn BROWN 27:38
129 Clover EDWARDS 34:03
130 Susan HIRD 34:06

It was a strange experience at Burnley today. Everyone was just nicely settling into the first lap when they looked on in disbelief as an elite runner came storming past. Surely it was too soon to be lapped.  They were certainly correct in that assumption.  The runner was Marc Hartley who turned up late and started well and truly at the back of the grid.

13 James FENT 19:59
15 Marc HARTLEY 20:06
21 John BOOTHMAN 20:51 New PB
27 Mark LOVESEY 21:18
48 Emma BAILEY 22:47
125 Jenna BOOTHMAN 26:40 New PB
214 Graham WADSWORTH 31:56 New PB
242 Gary BAILEY 35:29

11 Andrew Chew 18:08
40 Jen Hird 20:37
50 John Boothman 21:19
56 Emma Bailey 21:56

A report from Stephen Chew of the latest Wednesday evening social run.

It was the annual visit to Castle Halliday for last night's pub run.  The added bonus of having a brewery owner in your club meant quality cheap ale. We also did this trip instead of going to the Hare and Hounds where Graham Wadsworth is not enamoured with the bar steward.  So making my excuses, I managed to duck the run (partly because I was knackered and partly because John "satnav" Boothman was stroking his satnav watch with a glint in his eye) and headed straight for the self service bar area located in Big Dave's man cave.  Once I started supping there was no stopping me and just to make sure I got my fair share I positioned myself in behind the bar and became the Bar bitch for the night.  There was also a quality BBQ on offer when Dave got back.  The banter duly started after the beer started flowing freely.  The first thing to come to the group's attention was the tinted highlights Screw was sporting and this quickly shifted to the obvious tinting in Ian Beresford's eye brows.  How these people slip through our vetting process is beyond me.  To be fair though, they were rescued by the fact that the ultimate metrosexual Andrew Carson was in attendance, making anyone look manly.  On to the main event anyway.  When beer is drunk, it usually goes one of two ways, witty banter (my personal favourite) or showing the other males in the group who the alpha male.  Jimmy Craig never misses the chance and managed to find a ledge above the garage door (which he had to be lifted up to) to see how many pull ups could be done.  There were a few impressive attempts at knocking out the pull ups.  Poor man's Jason "Lucas Payne" Statham was in particularly good fettle and duly bettered all the competition.  It was at this point Jon "drip tray" Boothman must have become mesmerised by Lucas' performance as he coolly leant back to get his pint and rest against the bar, he managed to miss it and slip off the end and wedge himself in the box of empties.  Now doing his best impression of a ladybird prostrate on its back, squealing for help, the room just watched and laughed in true Barlick fashion.  Once we had finished laughing, we helped him from his self made man trap and continued to watch the Jimmy Craig show.  As usual the last men standing apart from Big Dave were Screw, Chew, Boothman and Craig.  As always a top night with great people, just as it was at Castle Boothman two weeks ago.  Thanks to Dave and Louise for another top night.  Also thanks to the Boothmans for a quality evening two weeks ago.  The pub run remains the heartbeat of the club long may it continue.

The two girls really enjoyed this race, which was for a good charity (ovarian cancer).

32 Carl Pawson 36:19
98 Emma Bailey 44:48
102 Karen Brindle 45:12

168 runners

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The main aims of the club are to increase the participation of running in Barnoldswick and to keep organised running as accessible as possible.