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Despite the name, the club participates in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road and welcomes applications from runners of all abilities to join us. If you are not sure if the club is for you, why not come to one of our training sessions or one of our regular pub runs. You will be under no obligation to join, but you will get a feel for the club and a better idea if the club is for you. You can merely turn up to a training session unannounced, but it would be better if you contacted our club secretary first (details on the contacts page) and let him know that you will be coming and he will make sure that whoever is leading the group will look out for you. If you are an absolute beginner to running, you too are most welcome to join us in one of our sessions, but please contact our secretary first and he will make sure that you will have a programme with which you are comfortable. Membership fees for the club are as follows:
  • Seniors
  • For members over the age of 18
  • £10/year
  • For runners of all abilities over the age of 18
  • For runners participating in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road running
  • Regular training and coaching sessions provided
  • Apply
  • Juniors
  • For members under the age of 18
  • FREE
  • For runners of all abilities under the age of 18.
  • Regular (weekly) training sessions led by experienced runners/coaches
  • Advice about how to train properly so juniors can develop as athletes
  • Apply
  • Non-runners
  • For non-running members
  • £5/year
  • For supporters of the club and club members
  • Support the club and all the senior and junior runners
  • Apply
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Race Reports Archive
An archive of all the race reports

21 Jacqueline Collins 1:18:43 (2nd Lady) 

A great run for Scott Boardman to secure a top ten finish and a new PB.  Terry Lonergan, in his 189th 10K, was a little behind Scott, but still sub 50 minutes.

9 Scott Boardman 38:25
52 Terry Lonergan 49:32

95 finishers.

9 Paul Elcock 21:44 New PB
30 Lucille Pickles 25:53 New PB
32 Cloey Mason 25:53 New PB
40 Nicola Muller 27:05 New PB
64 Heather Mitchell 30:05

12 Emma Bailey 20:26 New PB
68 Aaron Slater 26:15
93 Susan Hird 28:44

4 James Tingle 18:29
23 Derek Walkden 20:32
334 James Austin 34:41

It was up to the Tebay area this weekend for Carl Pawson in this 6 mile, 846 ft ascent race and he was rewarded with a top ten finish.

9 Carl Pawson 48:38

Ian Livesey, Gaz Shaw & Dan Taylor went over to Warsaw for this race.  They were not impressed with the flat boring course, but they enjoyed the local ale houses, as it was like being at a beer festival, with each one having up to 50 cask ales on tap.

23 Ian Livesey 2:43:31
200 Dan Taylor 3:03:28
333 Gary Shaw  3:11:47

This was Cloey Mason's first Marathon.  She was training on a time of 4:13 and she was happy to have beaten that.  In fact she realised, a little too late, at the 20 mile mark, that she might just pip the sub 4 hour mark, but sadly, she did not just quite make it.  The course was undulating with fantastic scenery and in completing this marathon, Cloey managed to raise over £700 for Pendleside Hospice.  

839 Cloey Mason 4:01:08 

2618 finishers

The race was won by Tim Chadwick of Skipton AC in 40:31, with our own Jimmy Wright in third place.

3 Jimmy Wright 41:44
7 Nicolas Kendall 44:28
38 Richard Treitl 1:04:37

It was fierce competition at the front of this race, with Sam Tosh breaking away from the following pack of Simon Bailey, Chris Arthur, Tom Adams & Chris Holdworth to take the honours.  His winning time was 29:25.

Katie Walshaw won the ladies' race, narrowly beating Nicola Jackson to the finish line.  Her winning time was 36:19

The Barlickers finished as follows: 

Men's Race
154 Pete Jackson 41:53
163 John Boothman 42:50
224 Dave Halliday 48:42

Ladies Race
22 Lorraine Slater 41:57
82 Hannah Newbold 58:50

4 Ian Cocks 19:54 New PB
11 James Tingle 22:19
13 Martin Carson 22:29
25 Garth Duffy 25:15
38 Nicola Muller 27:07
39 Lucille Pickles 27:12
41 Tony Duffy 27:20
50  Anne Marie Beech 28:56
66 Wendy Duffy 31:55

4 Sarah Jarvis 19:22 New PB
13 Paul Elcock 20:48
15 Emma Bailey 20:55
102 Susan Hird 28:19

1 Marc Hartley 16:36
12 Tim Piggott 19:16 New PB
323 Graham Wadsworth 32:44

A great run by Lee Parrington saw him complete this marathon in under three hours and finish second overall.  The race was won by Ben Sache of Wigan Phoenix in 2:53:24.

2 Lee Parrington 2:55:16


There is life in the old dog yet , as in this race, it was under fifty minutes for Terry Lonergan and first MV65 

50 Terry Lonergan 49:53 (1st Vet 65)

182 ran


17 Nick Kendal 24:20
36 Sarah Bell 26:19 (2nd lady)

A fantastic win for Matt Lawlor, coming home in 1:13:14 (1min 12s ahead of second place).

Paul Elcock gave Scott Boardman a good run for his money coming within a few yards of him around the ten mile, but at that point Scott found something in the tank to accelerate away and earn himself a PB.
John Boothman performed well, improving on last week's GNR by 2 minutes..

1  Matt Lalor 1:13:14
138 Scott Boardman 1:29:18 PB
163 Paul Elcock 1:30:53 PB
256 John Boothman 1:35:38
864 (F102) Cloey Mason 1:48:55 PB

3157 finishers


Barlick finished 11th in this competition as follows:

1 William Onek  (28)  20:23
2 Jimmy Craig  ( 16)  20:34
3 Thomas Corrigan  (18)  20:51
4 Marc Hartley  (19)  21:21
5 Ian Livesey  (14)  21:12
6 Craig Shearer  (15)  21:20

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The main aims of the club are to increase the participation of running in Barnoldswick and to keep organised running as accessible as possible.