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Despite the name, the club participates in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road and welcomes applications from runners of all abilities to join us. If you are not sure if the club is for you, why not come to one of our training sessions or one of our regular pub runs. You will be under no obligation to join, but you will get a feel for the club and a better idea if the club is for you. You can merely turn up to a training session unannounced, but it would be better if you contacted our club secretary first (details on the contacts page) and let him know that you will be coming and he will make sure that whoever is leading the group will look out for you. If you are an absolute beginner to running, you too are most welcome to join us in one of our sessions, but please contact our secretary first and he will make sure that you will have a programme with which you are comfortable. Membership fees for the club are as follows:
  • Seniors
  • For members over the age of 18
  • £10/year
  • For runners of all abilities over the age of 18
  • For runners participating in all disciplines of running, fell, cross country and road running
  • Regular training and coaching sessions provided
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  • Juniors
  • For members under the age of 18
  • FREE
  • For runners of all abilities under the age of 18.
  • Regular (weekly) training sessions led by experienced runners/coaches
  • Advice about how to train properly so juniors can develop as athletes
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  • Non-runners
  • For non-running members
  • £5/year
  • For supporters of the club and club members
  • Support the club and all the senior and junior runners
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Wow - what a run from Lorraine Slater.  She has certainly not spent the past 12 months of lockdowns sitting by the fire.  This is a tough ultra race over forty five miles.  Lorraine finished 6th overall, not just 6th in the ladies race, out of a total of 93 runners.  Not only that, but she was just 3 seconds from coming home in 5th place. With a performance like that she naturally set a new course record.  Over the years, we have got used to seeing some great performances from Lorraine and this has been another one to add to that long list.

Further down the field, John Boothman and Mark Storey both had a top twenty finish.

In the shorter 30 mile race, Tim Pigott took the honours coming home in first place. 



A good day out for the Barlickers, taking first and third places in addition to first women's team and first mixed team.  That is before we get to mentioning first solo team. which was team Alex. 

1    Barlick Mens 1    Barlick Fell Runners    Mens    2:02:19
    Matt Watson, Luke Maude, Nick Treitl, David Mirfield            

3    Barlick Mens 2    Barlick Fell Runners    Mens    2:12:34
    Stephen Shorrock, David Poole, Ian Beresford, Andy Berry            
6    Team Alex Mason    Barlick Fell Runners    Mens    2:20:43
    Alex Mason, Alex Mason, Alex Mason, Alex Mason    
7    THE BADS    Barlick Fell Runners    Mens    2:24:37
    David Pease, Andrew Smith, Sean Fitzpatrick, Ben Whitehead            
11 (1)  Barlick Ladies Getting Back At It  Barlick Fell Runners  Ladies  2:33:56
    Jacqueline Gissing Collins, Emma Taylor, Lorraine Slater, Molly Ralphson
12    Barlick Mens 3    Barlick Fell Runners    Mens    2:37:34
    Andy Collins, Dave Halliday, Zac Kaye, James Austin            
15 (1)    Barlick Mixed 1    Barlick Fell Runners    Mixed    2:45:43
    Hayley Whitehead, Cloey Mason, John Mason, Johnathan Boothman            
19 (4)    Leggin’ It    Barlick Fell Runners    Mixed    3:02:56
    Michael Uttley, Helen Harrison, Amanda Haines, Carl Pawson            

Monday, 28 September 2020 07:48

Reservoir Dogs - 26 September 2020

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This was the first Ultra for Ian Cox and he was more than happy with the result, as he came home in second place, not all that far behind the winner.  Again credit must go to the organisers for putting on this event despite all the restrictions. 

The race organiser wrote a report of the event and this illustrates some of the headaches involved in putting on events at this time.

Race Report

2 Ian Cox 5hrs 25 mins.

Monday, 28 September 2020 07:31

The Lancashireman - 27 September 2020

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You have to hand it to Trawden AC, during this epidemic, they have done their utmost to put on some racing.  This race is another fine example of the great job that they are doing.  Many will not be surprised to find that John Boothman turned out for this race, despite the fact that he took part in the 62 mile Hardmoors 60 last week.  His legs felt tired and he found it hard work, but he is pretty consistent in this race and he finished 36 seconds quicker than the time he recorded last year. 

On the road up to the windmills, he passed the only other Barlicker in this race, Mark Storey.  He had his arm in his back pack straps, having taken a tumble, but he braved it out and competed the race.

24 John Boothman 5:15:21
34 Mark Storey 5:37:49



Monday, 21 September 2020 09:26

Hardmoors 60 - 19 September 2020

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This is a tough 62 mile race which follows the Cleveland Way down the East Coast from Guiseborough to Filey.  Because of the Covid restrictions, this year runners departed in groups of six with a two minute interval between each group.  This made it difficult for runners to judge how they were doing overall, but at least it enabled everyone to take part in some competitive running. 

As you might have anticipated, both John Boothman and Cloey Mason were out there putting their bodies under tremendous strain, but there again, both doing well despite the lack of competitive racing for over six months.  Both managed to avoid injuries and both easily managed to avoid the cut offs.

43rd Male John Boothman 13:39:55

16th Female Cloey Mason 15:04:54


6 Stuart Heaviside 3:53:26
28 James Crook 4:45:53

Tuesday, 04 August 2020 08:53

PBGP Summer Series, Townley - 2 August 2020

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Not quite the excitement and buzz of conventional racing, but good sport and good competition nevertheless and good training too for those taking part.  How many times in a race does a runner find him or herself in the middle of nowhere, with no other runners close by and no supporters around to cheer them on?  In that situation, a runner has to call on that inner strength and keep pushing. - something a virtual races teaches well.  Virtual races also help you understand that in conventional racing, you should ignore what other runners around you are doing and run your own race, in your own way.  So virtual racing will enable our juniors to get a feel as to what are the best tactics for them, so when conventional racing returns, those getting out now will be better equipped and prepared for race day.

So, well done to the juniors who turned out for the first race in this series.  They all put in some good performances and were rewarded with some good results.

4 Summer Fitzpatrick 9:57

1 Harry Roberts 8:03

1 George Fitzpatrick 7:55
3 Will Pease 8:00

1 Connor Fitzpatrick 16:07

Another race put on by Trawden AC in the form of a time trial.  Not like proper racing, but much better than nothing in this shut down and well done to Trawden AC for organising it.  A few Barlickers turned out with six finishing in the top twenty, including Emma Pease who had a really good run to finish as first lady.

Well done too to Gemma Carson for turning out for her first race for the club.


After a long period with no racing, Trawden AC organised the Neil Alderman Trawden Celtic 7 Memorial Race.  To maintain social distancing, runs took place during Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st May, with time slots from 7am to 7pm each day.  Once completed, the times were collated.   Great performances  by Alex Mason and Molly Ralphson.

2 Alex Mason 42:01
4 David Mirifield 44:28
11 Andy Berry 47:16
16 Ian Cocks 48:38
19 David Pease 49:45
27 Molly Ralphson  51:28
28 Sean Fitzpatrick 51:36
29 Andrew Smith 52:33
39 John Boothman 55:43
49 Paul Elcock 58:13
62 Heather Driver 1:02:19
109 Jackie Bonsall 1:19:37

Well done to Trawden AC for putting this event on.

For some of the Barlickers not doing the relays, it was because they were doing this race.  Stephen Shorrock led them home finishing in 17th place.  Karl Robb paired up with Declan Bulmer from Wharfedale and they were the second pair home.  John Boothman was next to finish, but he struggled over the last 10K, due to lack of miles recently, but he was still 2nd Vet 55.  He was followed home by Gary Bradley

Katie Towers had a strong run  finishing 121st and then came Jamie Milligan, who was paired up with Pete Beresford.  At 7:04:50, it was a 39 minute PB for Jamie, a good effort considering that he only started running again six months ago.  Couch to 52K in six months!

17 Stephen Shorrock 4:59:17
27 Karl Rob & Declan Bulmer 5:16:40 (2nd pair)
49 John Boothman 5:38:27 (2nd M55)
121 Katie Towers 6:41:38
136 Jamie Milligan & Pete Beresford 7:04:50
236 finishers.

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